I’m Quarantined Series:Can I Take My Road Test If I Owe Tickets ? What If My License Is Suspended? πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ«πŸš˜

During these trying times we should reflect on how we can further our families in times of needs such as now. What will you do differently in the future in’shaa’Allah? If we have the second chance?

I have decided to start a I’m Quarantined self help series. Let take the time to answer questions we haven’t had the time to invest in (or procrastinated on). A lot of Philadelphians, and urban city individuals have suspended licenses before they have their license. Many buy their first car before they even have a permit in Philadelphia. It’s not uncommon to meet someone in our city that owes multiple tickets.

Without the proper knowledge or pure anxiety to tackle the tasks of finding out how much money they owe Philadelphia Parking Authority , and tracking down their PennDot restoration letter .

You can view your original restoration letter HERE . It’s free , but you have to print of out because PennDot isn’t mailing another copy to your house.

According to Penndot if you are issued six or more tickets or citations from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and have failed to pay or defaulted in payment of the tickets or citations, your registration will be indefinitely suspended (1379-A) upon notification from Philadelphia Parking Authority.

If you owe the DMV tickets don’t put off finding out how much you owe in tickets so you can set up a payment plan when your budget allows it in’shaa’Allah. Just knowing how much money you owe gives you power over your finances ,and driving journey !

If you would like to find out how much money you owe in tickets to PPA you visit their site HERE. You can also set up payments plans, and put some money towards your tickets as well.

Are you looking to take the next steps towards spinning the block legally but not sure if you can because of your tickets? All cases are different and specific ,m but in some case you can set up a payment plan prior to taking your knowledge permit test in’shaa’Allah.

It is also possible to get points on your license before you get your actual license as well. You can find out about your driving history on the PennDot website as well. Another helpful thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the PennDot point system HERE.

It’s very beneficial to take driving lessons while preparing for our road test. After having a suspended license before even legally getting one should be enough motivation to take the necessary precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Empower yourself with our I’m Around Driving lessons non permit driving lessons.

For more information to set up a driving lesson please text us at (267) 624- 7318. At I’m Around Driving Lessons we help give new drivers the confide/nce to tackle on the road, and resources to obtain their PennDot permit.

Let’s spin the block mention this blog post ,and get five dollars off your first lesson. Also all I’m Around Driving Lessons students get $150 off their fist car with @reef_got_cars_58 at Car Life Auto on GlennWood street in Philadelphia.

I hope this helps, and when in doubt get a lawyer. Please keep in mind this is in no way shape or form legs advice .

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