Common Questions

Do I need to have my permit to take lessons?

We offer driving lessons and tutoring for non permit drivers . All clients must have their PennDot physical filled out by their first driving lesson. Learn more here

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is a hour long, and starts once you are behind the wheel.

Do you pick me up or do I meet you ?

We pick you up and drop you off . If you are outside of Philadelphia it’s extra. We can meet at the local Philadelphia PennDot near you for $25 off each lesson.

How do I book?

Call or text 2676247318 so we can customize your driving lessons schedule .

How do I pay?

We accept a $25 per lesson deposit via Apple Pay 2676247318 (no extra processing fee),and cash app $imarounddiving for a $5 (processing fee ) . The remaining balance of your total is due in cash the day of your first lesson

Can I bring a friend/ family member?

No due to legal restraints and for the safety of our instructors , and clients we do not allow extra guests to accompany during driving lessons. All lessons are private and on on one.

How old do I have to be to take lessons?

All clients must be 16 years of and/or older.

Will I drive on the street?

Yes, that is the goal. If our instructors, and or clients don’t feel comfortable or ready to drive on the street we will customize your lesson to get you on the street by the end of the lesson or next lesson for (no pre determined set time).

Do you do lessons for clients that already have their license?

Yes ,we do and we charge the same prices we charge student drivers for each set of lessons. We customize the lesson to the clients interned goals. We do highway lessons and more.

Do you only work in Philly?

No, we go all over ! IM AROUND!

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