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Online Driving School

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I’m Around Driving Lessons now offers online lessons on how to pass your PennDot Parallel Parking Test , and PennDot permit tutoring. This is great for the student who has access to a vehicle, but no authentic driver’s ed teaching guidance . Also our online lessons are ideal for students who don’t have access to a car because it prepares you for when you do get behind the wheel.

Now driving students don’t have to feel unprepared before driving , and taking the PennDot Road Test!

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Online Driving

Our online driving lessons on “How To Pass Your PennDot Parallel Parking Test are a one time fee of $60 . This course comes with unlimited access to the knowledge you need to successfully parallel park inshallah . There is no expiration date to this course .

The course lesson lan consists of videos, notes, tips on how to park, and why you aren’t getting into the space. At the end you can test your skill level with our PennDot parallel parking quiz.

With new courses on how to drive being added everyday this is a great option for students trying to build, and maintain their driving skills!

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PennDot Permit Tutoring & Driving Lessons

We offer tutoring to students who need help preparing for their PennDot Knowledge test. For one month students have weekly lessons plans sent out , and lesson reports break downs at the end of the week. Your driving instructor will break down areas that you may be struggling with , and will help you obtain a better understanding . The tutoring included one on one text and via phone help throughout the month .

The fee for each month is $115. Please text 2676247318 to set up your tutoring .

$250. for two one hr 15 min lessons and two weeks of permit tutoring via phone /online

Must have PennDot physical filled out. Found in drivers manual in our site under drivers manual

$185 for the two non permit driving lessons one hour 15mins if driving must have physical filled out found under drivers manual on our site

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