4 Tips On How To Pass Your Philadelphia PennDot Road Test!

Taking your road test can be nerve wrecking , but taking your road test in Philadelphia is another level of nervous. There are many factors that come into play when taking your PennDot road test ! From pedestrians jay walking in the street to cars behind you zooming around your vehicle because your driving too slow Philly is a dog eat dog world .

At I’m Around Driving Lessons we always suggest these five tips to our students when preparing to take their test:

Pick A Early Test Time:

Try to aim for earlier in the day . A lot of the PennDOT’s in Philadelphia are located within shopping complex’s . Most of these complexes are very busy during the day. From Ogontz shopping complex to Whitman Plaza in South Philly pedestrians, and traffic can be heavy. During the early day time most people are at school and work , so that means less variables .

Also the instructors just got to work , so they have less of a chance of being tired and cranky lol.

Wear A Light Weight Shoe

Wear a shoe that is light weight , so you can feel the gas pedal. To much acceleration can throw you off, and cause the instructor to take points off. Also if your renting a car your unfamiliar with you want to be able to have more control of how much of your foot you use .

Take Driving Lessons The Week Of

Book your lessons with I’m Around Driving Lessons the night before , week of, and or day of your PennDot Road test. We take you on your test route, and help you tighten up your skills. We n ow what the instructors like to see student drivers do when taking the test.

Make Sure To Get Comfortable Behind The Wheel

Get the car settings adjusted to your liking before lining up to take your test. If you like the windows down then roll them down. Take off your coat , chew some gum , adjust your seat ,basically do whatever you need to do to feel somewhat at ease . You can’t play the radio though , but you can get comfy. The driving instructor at PennDot isn’t there to be comfortable, and whatever you need to do to feel better do it.

Did You Bang Out ?Oh No: What To Do If You Get In A Car Accident!

Hey it’s your driving instructor Juelz for I’m Around Driving Lessons. When I first started driving I was told by my driving instructor that people don’t learn how to drive drive until their first accident . I couldn’t even process what he meant until I got into my first car accident.

I had just brought my first car , a Lincoln Continental. Me and my I’m Around Driving instructor , (who is also my best friend )Nene we’re riding down Allegheny avenue when I accidentally hit someone while making a left turn.

Due to the fact I was making a left turn I was automatically in the wrong. While making a left turn you must yield to oncoming traffic , and you don’t NOT have the right of way. I didn’t really understand this concept until the accident. I had my first car for one month before totaling it.

The air bags deployed , and my car was a mess. Alhamdulillah the other driver was fine with minor injuries. That accident taught me a valuable lessons about the importance of knowing the right of way of traffic, and limiting distractions. I also learned what to do and what NOT to do when in a car accident.

Here are my tips on what and what not to do if you get into a car accident:

Accident /Wreck Chasers: Don’t let private companies tow your car or persuade you into to allowing the to tow your car to their facility. I made the rookie mistake of letting a wreck chaser (a tow trucker driver who listens to the cop dispatch radio, and comes to the scene). The tow truck driver told me that triple a would cover it, and to let them store me car at their facility. I ended up paying way more j storage fees and tow fees for a car I couldn’t even drive. Instead call triple A and have them tow it to your house .

Ask The driver are they okay ,and don’t admit to any wrong doing: don’t start getting emotional. Ask them are they ok, but don’t apologize for a mistake you possibly aren’t at fault for. The main thing is that everyone involved is safe. Your apology could cost you .

Take The Others Drivers Info And Take Pictures And Video Of Your Car And Their Car: Give them your info like your name and phone number . Also swap insurance information, and take a picture of their license plate etc. Take as many pictures of their car as possible.

Don’t Pay Them Any Money At The Scene: if you have insurance that’s what you pay them to do. (Btw you should always have liability insurance , and if you have a car not full torque and gap insurance.) You could be paying them for existing damages or even more than you needed to.

If you want to keep insurance out of your business than have the drivers involved go to three mechanics and get estimates on the repairs. That’s only if you know you are for sure at fault , and fear your insurance premium will change.

I don’t recommend you do this just because that’s why we pay insurance every month for moments like these In’shaa’allah.

Call your insurance company or agent right away: Don’t wait days before contacting your insurance company. Tell them as soon as you get settled in. Don’t tell them what you think happens just speak on what you know actually happened. For example: I was changing lanes when the other driver hit my passenger door. Refrain from saying things like “ I was changing lanes and out of no where the other driver sped up.” It comes across as if you weren’t paying attention to the other drivers on the road.

File a police report : In Philadelphia the police rarely come out for gender benders unless they are already near by on the scene. Go to your local police station or flag down a officer , so you can get statements from both drivers on file. People may say one thing during the accident then switch up their story when they talk to their insurance company.

Which is why you shouldn’t say much other to the driver other than “Is everyone ok, and thank god your safe “.

Remain Calm :easier said than done, but acting overly emotional isn’t going to lessen the damage done. Remember this is why we pay insurance, and as long as everyone involved is safe it will all be fine.

It’s not your responsibility to figure out what happen , but to tell your account of the accident. The insurance adjusters come out and inspect both vehicles. They can tell by the damage who was in the wrong , and if it was both drivers in wrong etc. Also with all the new technology there cameras everywhere. So be observant and vigilant when driving . You never know what can happen while on the road.

Stay at a safe speed and distance . Make sure distractions like your phone are limited. Take your drivers lessons with I’m Around Driving Lessons 2676247318 , so you can be prepared for the road and your drivers test.

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I’m Quarantined Series:Can I Take My Road Test If I Owe Tickets ? What If My License Is Suspended? 👩🏾‍🏫🚘

During these trying times we should reflect on how we can further our families in times of needs such as now. What will you do differently in the future in’shaa’Allah? If we have the second chance?

I have decided to start a I’m Quarantined self help series. Let take the time to answer questions we haven’t had the time to invest in (or procrastinated on). A lot of Philadelphians, and urban city individuals have suspended licenses before they have their license. Many buy their first car before they even have a permit in Philadelphia. It’s not uncommon to meet someone in our city that owes multiple tickets.

Without the proper knowledge or pure anxiety to tackle the tasks of finding out how much money they owe Philadelphia Parking Authority , and tracking down their PennDot restoration letter .

You can view your original restoration letter HERE . It’s free , but you have to print of out because PennDot isn’t mailing another copy to your house.

According to Penndot if you are issued six or more tickets or citations from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and have failed to pay or defaulted in payment of the tickets or citations, your registration will be indefinitely suspended (1379-A) upon notification from Philadelphia Parking Authority.

If you owe the DMV tickets don’t put off finding out how much you owe in tickets so you can set up a payment plan when your budget allows it in’shaa’Allah. Just knowing how much money you owe gives you power over your finances ,and driving journey !

If you would like to find out how much money you owe in tickets to PPA you visit their site HERE. You can also set up payments plans, and put some money towards your tickets as well.

Are you looking to take the next steps towards spinning the block legally but not sure if you can because of your tickets? All cases are different and specific ,m but in some case you can set up a payment plan prior to taking your knowledge permit test in’shaa’Allah.

It is also possible to get points on your license before you get your actual license as well. You can find out about your driving history on the PennDot website as well. Another helpful thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the PennDot point system HERE.

It’s very beneficial to take driving lessons while preparing for our road test. After having a suspended license before even legally getting one should be enough motivation to take the necessary precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Empower yourself with our I’m Around Driving lessons non permit driving lessons.

For more information to set up a driving lesson please text us at (267) 624- 7318. At I’m Around Driving Lessons we help give new drivers the confide/nce to tackle on the road, and resources to obtain their PennDot permit.

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I hope this helps, and when in doubt get a lawyer. Please keep in mind this is in no way shape or form legs advice .

Meet The Driving Instructor Helping Her Community Reach New Heights With Affordable Driving Lessons!

Juelz ” Im Around”

I’m Around Driving Lessons is a muslims owned small business with big intentions. Juelz, the owner of I’m Around Driving Lessons has been teaching family and friends pass their drivers test for 12 years. It was just until 2019 when Juelz, the driving instructor decided to branch out and offer her customized driving lessons to the public. 

The idea to start her driving lessons company came to Juelz when she was driving her daughter to school. Someone almost hit her car, and she thought to herself

“People need to learn how to drive! And I’m going to teach them!”

According to the Im Around Driving Lessons muslims boss “Allah put the idea in my thoughts, and since then he has blessed me with great students”. When student book lessons or rent her car to use for their PennDot drivers road test Juelz genuinely wants to see her student pass! As a teacher she goes out of her way to ensure that her students are receiving lesson customized to there driving style, and budget!

” Everyone drives different, and it’s important to that I customize my lessons to their style! Our main focus is to pass the test! “.

When students pass their road test to see their faces light up is the most rewarding part of her job. Juelz says she also knows how important it is to get your license, so her students can excel in life.

“My students have families, and work hard everyday . They catch the bus to and from multiple jobs just to make ends meet. I want to see them win! Because as a community we are only as strong as our weakest link!”

Im Around Driving Lessons has also partnered with a local muslim car dealers for special promotions for Im Around Driving Students ! Tell Reef Got Cars Im Around Driving sent you and get $150 off your next car!

To book your driving lessons , rent her car for your road test, or rides to Philadelphia and State jails call or text Im Around Driving Lessons at (267) 495-8941. Visit her site here for services and pricing . Also follow her on Instagram @im_around_driving_lessons

Steps On Buying Your First Car!

So you took your driving lessons with Im Around Driving Lessons, and now you’ve passed your PennDot road test! Congratulations, but now what? You say to your self “I want to buy a car, but how do I prevent getting taken advantage of? Also I don’t know what to do!?!” No fear your driving instructor Juelz is here.

I’ve been through the used car, and leasing process many times just, so I can teach others what and what not to do!

Lets get right into it…

Step One

Think about the type of car you need, and not necessarily want!

Many new drivers have big dreams of buying their favorite cars they seen others drive while they stood at the bus stop. Little do they know that those cars are making their owners go broke, over priced, cost way too much to maintain, and are lemons. If you can afford a brand new Benz go for it. BUT remember you can’t just take a Benz to your local mechanic for an oil change. Many luxury cars or sports cars have parts that have to be ordered directly from the dealer, and have to be fixed at the dealership! That is very expensive.

I recommend buying a car that matches your needs. If you need a car to get you back and forth to work start or to take your kids to school be realistic with what kind of car you should by. Think about the costs that you may accrue over time, and would you be able to afford those costs.

Step Two

Save Up Your Money .

When buying a car used or new you will need to save some funds to buy that car. Many people buy cars with their income taxes. They spend all of their refund, and as soon as the car needs a repair (which usually happens soon after you buy it) they are broke. Why? Because they didn’t plan ahead. Cars cost money . When you first buy a car you have to pay for the following things:

The Car plus sales tax

Insurance Deposit ( if you are leasing the law requires that you buy full coverage insurance, and you should most defiantly get gap insurance as well) .

Registration Fees ( this includes signing over the tittle into your name and a licensee plate) The fees are contingent on how much you pay for your car.

Inspection stickers ( if you are blessed the sticker will be up to date) You have 15 days after you buy your car to get your inspection stickers. They usually cost $40 , but if your car doesn’t pass inspection you have to get whatever issues fixed in order to pass.

When you go to buy a car keep this in mind. These are your upfront costs, and don’t forget you need gas to drive. If you spend all of your money on buying a car without any cushion for un expected issues you might end up living in that car. Save your money first!

I suggest starting off with a good used car, and saving up to $3000 to $6000. It’s not impossible to find a car for the low like $1500 and it run ok, but be real any car that cheap isn’t going to last you very long.

Even cars brought on lease have issues that most of the time aren’t covered by the warranty you purchased. You want to do the same steps as if you were buying a used car without payments. You also want to put down a don payment regardless of what the car sales person says.

Step Three


Don’t buy the first thing you find! Research , research , research! Google the the type of car your interested in and see how much they usually go for in your area. Also find out the common issues the type of car you’re interested in has, and any recalls the manufacturer has issued.

Go to at least three different car lots or dealers. Instagram and facebook is a great place to look up car dealers. Ask for the car fax and VIN number . You can even buy a dash board code reader ( they have some starting at $40) , and ask to plus it up to see what codes pop up. The codes will tell you some of the issues that the dealer hasn’t informed you on. If you are buying form a private seller tell them you want t take it to Auto Zone, and get the codes read. Make sure to test drive the car and check it out.

Tips on inspecting a car off first sight

Look under the hood. Does the battery have corrosion ( it’ll be bluefish greenish crust on the top of the battery) Is the engine running loud or knocking. Does the steering wheel shake when you push on the gas pedal? Does the heat and the AC work? Are the tires balding?

Ask if the car is salvaged or a flood car! Salvaged or reconstructed cars are cars put back together with other parts from cars, or have been in accidents or natural disasters like floods. A lot of cars came up to Pennsylvania after hurricane Katrina . Those cars can make you pay a high insurance payments ! Also car share apps like Uber don’t accept reconstructed or salvaged titles. So you wouldn’t be able to drive for Uber if your car has a reconstituted title or salvaged car. ASK BEFORE YOU BUY THE CAR PLEASE!

Step Four

Get Insured

Get insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies BEFORE you buy your car. Just so you have an estimate of what you will be spending monthly. It’s better to go through an insurance agent or Auto Tags store that offers insurance. They have options for drivers that help you save and find plans that are suited better for your needs. You can have them save the quoted price (because the quote changes all the time due to accidents in your neighborhood etc). Get that quote days before you go to buy a car, so you aren’t scrambling to find insurance . You aren’t allowed to drive off or get your car registered without insurance .

Many people buy insurance and cancel it after they drive of the lot, but PennDot is hip to that. The insurance company must report to PennDot that you canceled your policy, and PennDot will issues a request that you produce proof of a new policy. Or they will force you to hand over your tags, and suspend your license.

Take your time when buying a used car, and I don’t suggest going to the auction for our first car. If you don’t know cars or have someone who is really goos at judging cars at first sight stick to car dealers. Buying your first car can be a step to freedom. Never rush it and don’t buy a car that’s older than yourself. I suggest buying a 2007 and over.

We also have partnered with a muslim car dealer named Reef Got Cars , and he is offering all those who mention Im Around Driving Lessons $150 off any car they buy with him!

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Im around

Man Arrested After Dressing Up As His Mom To Take Her Driving Test!

I always love my Momma , but this man took the saying to the extreme ! A man in Brazil got tired of his 60 year old mother failing her driver’s test.  Heitor Márcio Schiave’,43, was fed up after his mom failed her driving test for the fourth time! So he got dressed up in her finest clothes, and took matter into his own hands.

Rocking a floral dress, a fresh full set of nails, slayed make-up, and a wig, he hope into into the driver’s seat of his mother’s car ! Reports say headmost got away with it until the instructor checked his ID one last time and noticed he look a little differently than the person on the ID.

“I sensed a certain nervousness from the school’s owner,” driving test examiner Aline Mendonça, 38, told The Guardian. “He said, ‘We have a problem.’”

Mendonça couldn’t believe what she saw. “It was a guy with a long outfit, heavily made-up. It did not look like a woman,” she said.

The man was carrying a handbag, and wore a long skirt, a floral top, earrings and a stuffed bra. He had even painted his nails. “I couldn’t believe it,” Mendonça said. “It was surreal.”

The po po were called and he was arrested at the driving school for fraud and misuse of someone’s identity.