Lesson Agreement & Prep

Just breathe. Our lessons are practice. If you mess up , it’s ok! That’s why we are practicing. So that you can be a pro at driving. Take your time, and don’t rush anything .

Your Instructor’s Responsibility

  • Your “Im Around” Driving instructor has the responsibility of ensuring your questions and concerns are answered within their best capabilities. 
  • Picking Up and Dropping Off:  you off at the same location discussed prior to your lesson. Both lessons don’t have to have the same pick/drop off location as you prior lesson.But the drop off has to be the same exact location as where you were picked up for that lesson of that day.
  • Learning Accommodations  Customizing lessons to your specific needs while maintain the rules and regulations on PennDot, and their expectations/ standards of driving.
  • Maintaining A High Level Of Professionalism your instructor is NOT to yell at you or make you feel embarrassed for making any kind mistake. We do reserve the right to raise our voice in emergency situations (ie someone darts out in front of the car, and to alert the driver the instructor may  slightly raise their voice to grab the students attention )
  • Keeping Direct Communication if your instructor is running late or needs to reschedule we owe it to our students to keep them informed. If your instructor needs to reschedule our responsibility is to inform as soon a possible with the latest window of communication being 2 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson.

Payment Agreement 

All payments are to be paid in full pithing 24 hours of scheduling you lessons. They can be mad via cash app $imarounddriving 

No refunds. 

Missed Lessons :

If a student misses a lesson 2 times the lesson with be cancelled permanently .Another payment of $35 will be required within 2 days of the last missed scheduled date in order to reschedule said lesson . ***Unless tragedy or events discussed with instructor with documented proof of reasons why the lesson was missed 2 times. It is up to the institutor’s discretion as to if a fee is needed to reschedule that lesson.***

Lateness :

If a student is more than 20 mins late the instructor will reschedule . If the instructor has to wait more than 20 mins while picking up the student a late fee of $10 is required to start the lesson.

No Accompanying Guest :

Permit drivers in Pennsylvania by law aren’t allowed to drive more than one passenger (instructor) in the operating vehicle at a time . It is to ensure the safety of the student, instructor , and the public .

Car Rules:

No eating

No smoking

Please take trash with you

No music while lesson is in progress 

Wait for your instructor to tell you when to  turn on car, change gears accelerate , and operate the vehicle. 


For the safety and focus of Im Around Driving students , and insurance reasons no additional guests are allowed in the car during or after lessons.

Same Pick Up And Drop Off Location 

You and your instructor agree to drop you off at the same pick up at the same agreed location.

Unforeseen Circumstances , Weather, National Alerts and Or Emergency and Events

All sales are final and no refund are given due to national emergency, weather, and or quarantine. Any unforeseen events that are no direct result and or in case of local or national state of emergency Im Around Driving Lessons bears no fault and /or no responsibilitiy. All sales are final and no refunds are to be issued. I’m Around Droving Lessons is not responsible for any missing or lost/ stolen items. All bodily injuries are no responsibility or fault of aim Around Driving school. All ages are to be covered by the student. You bear full responsibility for accidents you cause behind the wheel while driving and are responsible for repairs to parties involved (including deductibles etc)

I’m Around Driving Instructors have the right to refuse or end lessons if they feel their safety is being compromised. If students,clients, and or associates don’t adhere to the Im Around Driving Lessons student conduct and guidelines the assigned instructor or CEO reserves the right to cancel or terminate the lesson at any given time. All sales are final and I’m Around Driving Lessons will not refund for any remaining time or prior lessons paid.

I’m Around Driving Lessons is not responsible for the outside of the student drivers road test and or knowledge test . The outcome and results are solely the student’s responsibility. I’m Around Driving lessons is not responsible for failures of the Drivers road test and or knowledge permit test. Failures do not warrant a refund and student drivers will not receive a refund at any time .

We are a third party car rental car for hire service and are not affiliated with PennDot or Pennsylvania School district of Common Wealth .

Reschedule Fee

It is free to reschedule with the same instructor you have originally booked your lessons with as long as your instructor has NOT driven to your address for your lesson and you don’t show up. Reschedule 48 hours in advance to avoid a fee of $25 . If you need to reschedule for a new date or lesson with a new instructor / you will be charged a $25 reschedule fee.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals, and can’t wait to get you driving! 

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