Man Arrested After Dressing Up As His Mom To Take Her Driving Test!

I always love my Momma , but this man took the saying to the extreme ! A man in Brazil got tired of his 60 year old mother failing her driver’s test.  Heitor Márcio Schiave’,43, was fed up after his mom failed her driving test for the fourth time! So he got dressed up in her finest clothes, and took matter into his own hands.

Rocking a floral dress, a fresh full set of nails, slayed make-up, and a wig, he hope into into the driver’s seat of his mother’s car ! Reports say headmost got away with it until the instructor checked his ID one last time and noticed he look a little differently than the person on the ID.

“I sensed a certain nervousness from the school’s owner,” driving test examiner Aline Mendonça, 38, told The Guardian. “He said, ‘We have a problem.’”

Mendonça couldn’t believe what she saw. “It was a guy with a long outfit, heavily made-up. It did not look like a woman,” she said.

The man was carrying a handbag, and wore a long skirt, a floral top, earrings and a stuffed bra. He had even painted his nails. “I couldn’t believe it,” Mendonça said. “It was surreal.”

The po po were called and he was arrested at the driving school for fraud and misuse of someone’s identity.

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