Steps On Buying Your First Car!

So you took your driving lessons with Im Around Driving Lessons, and now you’ve passed your PennDot road test! Congratulations, but now what? You say to your self “I want to buy a car, but how do I prevent getting taken advantage of? Also I don’t know what to do!?!” No fear your driving instructor Juelz is here.

I’ve been through the used car, and leasing process many times just, so I can teach others what and what not to do!

Lets get right into it…

Step One

Think about the type of car you need, and not necessarily want!

Many new drivers have big dreams of buying their favorite cars they seen others drive while they stood at the bus stop. Little do they know that those cars are making their owners go broke, over priced, cost way too much to maintain, and are lemons. If you can afford a brand new Benz go for it. BUT remember you can’t just take a Benz to your local mechanic for an oil change. Many luxury cars or sports cars have parts that have to be ordered directly from the dealer, and have to be fixed at the dealership! That is very expensive.

I recommend buying a car that matches your needs. If you need a car to get you back and forth to work start or to take your kids to school be realistic with what kind of car you should by. Think about the costs that you may accrue over time, and would you be able to afford those costs.

Step Two

Save Up Your Money .

When buying a car used or new you will need to save some funds to buy that car. Many people buy cars with their income taxes. They spend all of their refund, and as soon as the car needs a repair (which usually happens soon after you buy it) they are broke. Why? Because they didn’t plan ahead. Cars cost money . When you first buy a car you have to pay for the following things:

The Car plus sales tax

Insurance Deposit ( if you are leasing the law requires that you buy full coverage insurance, and you should most defiantly get gap insurance as well) .

Registration Fees ( this includes signing over the tittle into your name and a licensee plate) The fees are contingent on how much you pay for your car.

Inspection stickers ( if you are blessed the sticker will be up to date) You have 15 days after you buy your car to get your inspection stickers. They usually cost $40 , but if your car doesn’t pass inspection you have to get whatever issues fixed in order to pass.

When you go to buy a car keep this in mind. These are your upfront costs, and don’t forget you need gas to drive. If you spend all of your money on buying a car without any cushion for un expected issues you might end up living in that car. Save your money first!

I suggest starting off with a good used car, and saving up to $3000 to $6000. It’s not impossible to find a car for the low like $1500 and it run ok, but be real any car that cheap isn’t going to last you very long.

Even cars brought on lease have issues that most of the time aren’t covered by the warranty you purchased. You want to do the same steps as if you were buying a used car without payments. You also want to put down a don payment regardless of what the car sales person says.

Step Three


Don’t buy the first thing you find! Research , research , research! Google the the type of car your interested in and see how much they usually go for in your area. Also find out the common issues the type of car you’re interested in has, and any recalls the manufacturer has issued.

Go to at least three different car lots or dealers. Instagram and facebook is a great place to look up car dealers. Ask for the car fax and VIN number . You can even buy a dash board code reader ( they have some starting at $40) , and ask to plus it up to see what codes pop up. The codes will tell you some of the issues that the dealer hasn’t informed you on. If you are buying form a private seller tell them you want t take it to Auto Zone, and get the codes read. Make sure to test drive the car and check it out.

Tips on inspecting a car off first sight

Look under the hood. Does the battery have corrosion ( it’ll be bluefish greenish crust on the top of the battery) Is the engine running loud or knocking. Does the steering wheel shake when you push on the gas pedal? Does the heat and the AC work? Are the tires balding?

Ask if the car is salvaged or a flood car! Salvaged or reconstructed cars are cars put back together with other parts from cars, or have been in accidents or natural disasters like floods. A lot of cars came up to Pennsylvania after hurricane Katrina . Those cars can make you pay a high insurance payments ! Also car share apps like Uber don’t accept reconstructed or salvaged titles. So you wouldn’t be able to drive for Uber if your car has a reconstituted title or salvaged car. ASK BEFORE YOU BUY THE CAR PLEASE!

Step Four

Get Insured

Get insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies BEFORE you buy your car. Just so you have an estimate of what you will be spending monthly. It’s better to go through an insurance agent or Auto Tags store that offers insurance. They have options for drivers that help you save and find plans that are suited better for your needs. You can have them save the quoted price (because the quote changes all the time due to accidents in your neighborhood etc). Get that quote days before you go to buy a car, so you aren’t scrambling to find insurance . You aren’t allowed to drive off or get your car registered without insurance .

Many people buy insurance and cancel it after they drive of the lot, but PennDot is hip to that. The insurance company must report to PennDot that you canceled your policy, and PennDot will issues a request that you produce proof of a new policy. Or they will force you to hand over your tags, and suspend your license.

Take your time when buying a used car, and I don’t suggest going to the auction for our first car. If you don’t know cars or have someone who is really goos at judging cars at first sight stick to car dealers. Buying your first car can be a step to freedom. Never rush it and don’t buy a car that’s older than yourself. I suggest buying a 2007 and over.

We also have partnered with a muslim car dealer named Reef Got Cars , and he is offering all those who mention Im Around Driving Lessons $150 off any car they buy with him!

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