Did You Bang Out ?Oh No: What To Do If You Get In A Car Accident!

Hey it’s your driving instructor Juelz for I’m Around Driving Lessons. When I first started driving I was told by my driving instructor that people don’t learn how to drive drive until their first accident . I couldn’t even process what he meant until I got into my first car accident.

I had just brought my first car , a Lincoln Continental. Me and my I’m Around Driving instructor , (who is also my best friend )Nene we’re riding down Allegheny avenue when I accidentally hit someone while making a left turn.

Due to the fact I was making a left turn I was automatically in the wrong. While making a left turn you must yield to oncoming traffic , and you don’t NOT have the right of way. I didn’t really understand this concept until the accident. I had my first car for one month before totaling it.

The air bags deployed , and my car was a mess. Alhamdulillah the other driver was fine with minor injuries. That accident taught me a valuable lessons about the importance of knowing the right of way of traffic, and limiting distractions. I also learned what to do and what NOT to do when in a car accident.

Here are my tips on what and what not to do if you get into a car accident:

Accident /Wreck Chasers: Don’t let private companies tow your car or persuade you into to allowing the to tow your car to their facility. I made the rookie mistake of letting a wreck chaser (a tow trucker driver who listens to the cop dispatch radio, and comes to the scene). The tow truck driver told me that triple a would cover it, and to let them store me car at their facility. I ended up paying way more j storage fees and tow fees for a car I couldn’t even drive. Instead call triple A and have them tow it to your house .

Ask The driver are they okay ,and don’t admit to any wrong doing: don’t start getting emotional. Ask them are they ok, but don’t apologize for a mistake you possibly aren’t at fault for. The main thing is that everyone involved is safe. Your apology could cost you .

Take The Others Drivers Info And Take Pictures And Video Of Your Car And Their Car: Give them your info like your name and phone number . Also swap insurance information, and take a picture of their license plate etc. Take as many pictures of their car as possible.

Don’t Pay Them Any Money At The Scene: if you have insurance that’s what you pay them to do. (Btw you should always have liability insurance , and if you have a car not full torque and gap insurance.) You could be paying them for existing damages or even more than you needed to.

If you want to keep insurance out of your business than have the drivers involved go to three mechanics and get estimates on the repairs. That’s only if you know you are for sure at fault , and fear your insurance premium will change.

I don’t recommend you do this just because that’s why we pay insurance every month for moments like these In’shaa’allah.

Call your insurance company or agent right away: Don’t wait days before contacting your insurance company. Tell them as soon as you get settled in. Don’t tell them what you think happens just speak on what you know actually happened. For example: I was changing lanes when the other driver hit my passenger door. Refrain from saying things like “ I was changing lanes and out of no where the other driver sped up.” It comes across as if you weren’t paying attention to the other drivers on the road.

File a police report : In Philadelphia the police rarely come out for gender benders unless they are already near by on the scene. Go to your local police station or flag down a officer , so you can get statements from both drivers on file. People may say one thing during the accident then switch up their story when they talk to their insurance company.

Which is why you shouldn’t say much other to the driver other than “Is everyone ok, and thank god your safe “.

Remain Calm :easier said than done, but acting overly emotional isn’t going to lessen the damage done. Remember this is why we pay insurance, and as long as everyone involved is safe it will all be fine.

It’s not your responsibility to figure out what happen , but to tell your account of the accident. The insurance adjusters come out and inspect both vehicles. They can tell by the damage who was in the wrong , and if it was both drivers in wrong etc. Also with all the new technology there cameras everywhere. So be observant and vigilant when driving . You never know what can happen while on the road.

Stay at a safe speed and distance . Make sure distractions like your phone are limited. Take your drivers lessons with I’m Around Driving Lessons 2676247318 , so you can be prepared for the road and your drivers test.

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