4 Tips On How To Pass Your Philadelphia PennDot Road Test!

Taking your road test can be nerve wrecking , but taking your road test in Philadelphia is another level of nervous. There are many factors that come into play when taking your PennDot road test ! From pedestrians jay walking in the street to cars behind you zooming around your vehicle because your driving too slow Philly is a dog eat dog world .

At I’m Around Driving Lessons we always suggest these five tips to our students when preparing to take their test:

Pick A Early Test Time:

Try to aim for earlier in the day . A lot of the PennDOT’s in Philadelphia are located within shopping complex’s . Most of these complexes are very busy during the day. From Ogontz shopping complex to Whitman Plaza in South Philly pedestrians, and traffic can be heavy. During the early day time most people are at school and work , so that means less variables .

Also the instructors just got to work , so they have less of a chance of being tired and cranky lol.

Wear A Light Weight Shoe

Wear a shoe that is light weight , so you can feel the gas pedal. To much acceleration can throw you off, and cause the instructor to take points off. Also if your renting a car your unfamiliar with you want to be able to have more control of how much of your foot you use .

Take Driving Lessons The Week Of

Book your lessons with I’m Around Driving Lessons the night before , week of, and or day of your PennDot Road test. We take you on your test route, and help you tighten up your skills. We n ow what the instructors like to see student drivers do when taking the test.

Make Sure To Get Comfortable Behind The Wheel

Get the car settings adjusted to your liking before lining up to take your test. If you like the windows down then roll them down. Take off your coat , chew some gum , adjust your seat ,basically do whatever you need to do to feel somewhat at ease . You can’t play the radio though , but you can get comfy. The driving instructor at PennDot isn’t there to be comfortable, and whatever you need to do to feel better do it.

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